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Is chiropractic care for you?

If you have a brain and nervous system, the answer is YES! Chiropractic care is much more involved than just "cracking your bones". Our nervous system is the pathway which our brains talk to our bodies.

It is a central monitoring systems that runs constantly to determine if we are well.

My job as a chiropractor is to assess what the body is telling me through your symptoms. To decipher what the Root Cause of your symptoms are and how I can nudge your body towards correction. I am a facilitator of healing, but your body heals itself.

How does this work? Think about your nervous system as a high way. If there is traffic, things will build up and there wont be a good traffic flow. Feeding your nervous system proprioceptive input from the spine will help control the flow of traffic and move things along. In the view

of symptoms; lets take neck pain for example. Your neck HURTS, its hard to sleep, turn your head and drive. I find an area of joint restriction and remove that with a specific adjustment to restore normal motion. Now what? Your nervous system with recognize this change and the muscles that were holding tension for protection will melt away. You feel relief as your body works to detoxify and remove waste products that have built up in the muscles.

Our bodies are amazing and self healing. Chiropractic care honors this concept by lending a hand in starting the healing process and letting the body take care of the rest!

This is why chiropractic care is great for everyone. It is individualized, safe and effective when used correctly.

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